On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings

On Page SEO On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings on page SEO

What is on-page SEO?

On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings.

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Pillar of search engine optimization and we’re gonna go through the exact step-by-step process here.

How to do a comprehensive audit on your own website so make sure you stay with me and if you want all on-page SEO  techniques to implement on your own site than you have to come right place.

Okay! So performing on-page optimization so we’re going to use an SOP (SOP stands for Standard operating procedure) from the cook minded SOP library. For this one, it’s just a fancy way to say a really comprehensive checklist we have a huge number of digital marketing.

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SOPs on our website X like-minded com. This one will take about 10 or 20 minutes to do per page let’s do a high-level Overview of a kind of what we will be covering today.
Before dive in what’s the goal, the goal here is to optimize every page on your blog, closer Websites that they can easily be found on search engines. The ideal outcome is that every page of a blog post is properly optimized.

That user can find them when searching for businesses similar to your prerequisites the exact steps that we’re going to go through today are for word websites.

Meaning websites that have installed WordPress as a content management system the high-level principles. We’re going to be talking today apply everywhere you can do them on any type of site.

But, the exact step-by-step process we’re gonna go through today is for a word press site.


So people who use WordPress as a content management system might find this a little more valuable.

Why this important on-page optimization is one of the three core pillars of search engine optimization. The other two are off-page optimization and technical optimization.

Together these three combine to help businesses rank higher in search engines and drive more contextual irrelevant traffic to their website. So this is one core massively important piece of the whole kind of triangle of search engine optimization.

Where is this done this will be done in your WordPress in the panel, so in the back end there and when is this done ideally you usually?

Want to do this before pages go live, realistically a more practical it can be done at any time. Very often a lot of times if you hire an SEO consultant or if you were hi to do SEO consulting for someone it’s very common to tweak.

Clean up old pages as you go along sometimes your goals and priorities change and so you’ll tweak old pages as you go along. So the ideal perfect scenario is that you actually do all of this before you publish.

But in reality, most people tweak their pages a little bit longer after they’ve actually published them to production.

Finally, who does this?

This will be you may be an SEO specialist maybe you’re VA a Content Manager, content writer, or an agency you hire kind of anyone who’s touching your actual content will be going through these steps.

Okay, so two quick things on the environment setup.

Before we get going.

Install the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

If you haven’t done that yet we have a resource for you down below where you can grab that.

Done your keyword research and keyword mapping

So if you haven’t we have a resource for you down below where you can go ahead and do that.

That is the prerequisite to this you need to make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of your keyword research. The primary core keywords that you are optimizing for so make sure you’ve done both of those things before you continue.

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Two quick things I want to mention before we get started that seem to trip a lot of people of and I just want to address. These before we get going the first is like I said before the prerequisite to this is you’ve already done your keyword research.

You’ve surveyed the entire universe of potential things. People could be googling and you’ve picked the core set of keywords that you want your website to be ranking.

For right, that’s the prerequisite but on top of that one other thing to keep in mind is you generally only want to pick one keyword per page there are trips a lot of people.

On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 620x203BW

Have a lot of people say Oh this page is relevant for 15 different keywords they try and optimize. I paid for 15 different keywords and they end up optimizing for nothing it’s much more advantageous to just pick one keyword to optimize for.

Then move from there now there are different variants there are different ways to stand your keywords.

If you’re a coffee shop in San Francisco you can rank for coffee shop San Francisco, coffee shop in San Francisco, coffee shop near San Francisco, a coffee shop in San Francisco, San Francisco coffee shops,

Like all of these above are kind of consider one keyword here right so for all intents and purposes of planning just pick one keyword just go for that one sort of core phrase and optimize.

The entire document for that right there’s no need to add the additional stems and pluralization and things I’ve just kind of pick one type of intent in one keyword.

It makes your life a whole lot easier.

We can address some of the very kind of minute stuff at the end.

Pick one keyword to start.

Write your content without thinking about your keyword

To start to write in the way you would normally write.

Then right before you publish you go back and you optimize the reason why is because and it took me a long time. I did this the wrong way.

When I first started writing which was I would write for the keyword, I would write this is called writing for search engines. It’s bad it sucks if you’ve ever read an SEO copy that’s clearly been overly SEO.

It’s terrible right and so the best way to handle this is you know you kind of do your keyword research. You pick your keyword and then you write the document completely unrelated to the keyword.

Then right before you publish you go back and you tweak, okay where I can reasonably put this in my title where can I reasonably put this in document two or three times.

We’ll talk about the details a little bit later but keep in mind your audience here is humans. You hear an audience are people and you want to be optimizing for people not for search engines.

So keep that in mind.

First up let’s say you’ve selected your keyword right you’ve written your content now we’re gonna go through the actual first step of optimizing so I like to start by optimizing your metadata.

Optimize metadata on each page of your site

The metadata on each page or posts of your site is just as important as the content itself. You want to make sure you optimize this before you move on to optimizing the content.

Make sure your page title is optimized with our core keyword

On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 620x203BW
We have our page here’s our beautifully designed site and we have all of our content lorem ipsum content.

Here so we want to do everything we can to optimize this page from an on-page SEO audit optimization perspective for the term reads.

We’re gonna start by optimizing our metadata.

The title tag in general if we want to look at the actual code

If you dive into the source that’s command all you on a Mac that’s the actual source code. You can dive in just by typing title if you see a lot of different options.

You can do brackets title and that’s our page title their title tags are inc simply important.

They’re one of the most important aspects of on-page optimization, because they tell both users and search engines what that document is about.

On-page optimization is the title tags especially if you work at a large company or organization, that’s really hesitant about you making changes to the code on production.

This the title tags are the one of the easiest wind you can have Rand it’s a very high impact win that often doesn’t change the user experience too much on the site.

We see our title is page title that is horrible that is not a good title at all, so when

You’re aiming WordPress 3 on the back end then you’ve already installed Yoast plugin.

You can come down here to the bottom and change that right so our SEO title here’s page title let’s give that a change we’re gonna call that ’s – a site about’s done.

A couple of things to keep in mind when you’re writing title tags there’s some

High-level guidelines that you may want to think about.

14-On-Page-SEO-Techniques-Thatll-Boost-Your-Rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 14 On Page SEO Techniques Thatll Boost Your Rankings2jpg










When you’re doing this the first is you generally want to keep it at 50 to 60 characters long. You don’t want it too short so you want to use as much of it as possible there seems to be a guideline of around 65 characters.

But it depends on the pixels actually if you keep it at 60 characters that are a good Baseline you won’t get cut off. If you write your titles too long in search results can actually see that.

Here if I write this title too long it starts to cut up that data you can see right here. It’s starting to get cut off so you want to avoid doing that if you can just gonna bring this back here next if you can it can be very helpful.

Use a marketing power word

This is basically any type of language that invokes curiosity or emotion right. All these types of the word right smart compelling heartwarming you-you want to get something in there that makes it a little bit less bland.

That is a kind of attractive and Evokes emotion piques curiosity a little bit these can all be very helpful.

Using a number

This is a good hack you see this a lot with like Buzz Feed articles using a number right.

  • Like212 best the seven worst
  • fifteen ways you can get a number in there can be a really good way to

Increase your click-through rate.

Use in your titles with a bracket right

Using brackets or parentheses around a word is also very helpful. sometimes using the year as well it can be helpful.

We have read ’s a set about ’s calm certainly better than page title which was our last one but let’s try writing something a little bit different, a little bit better.

Maybe a comprehensive guide to read ’s in 2018 updated and maybe we had an abbreviation or an acronym for our site.

In the SEO world, where should the primary keyword be should it be at the very beginning your title? There’s a lot of debate on this you know if you want to try this if you want to try and jam your primary keyword into the very front of the tablet you can we’ve played around.
On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 620x203BW
With this a lot what I found is getting your keyword in the title tag is absolutely critical. You have to do it but don’t sacrifice the stickiness of the title in order to hit these Yoast recommendations.

Right like you’re still designing for people and what I found is writing a really compelling title is usually a better route to go than trying to follow these really strict guidelines of like Oh.

Search engines rank the document higher if the core keyword is at the very beginning because what I found myself doing is I would optimize a hundred pages with really awkward sounding titles right yes they all contain the keyword at the beginning, but ultimately the titles were worse right.

Sure if you can still write exactly the same completely compelling title with the keyword, in the beginning, you can try it but I don’t worry about this too much the Yoast recommendations are okay.

I’ve seen way more people pulling their hair out and making their entire website ultimately worst ultimately worse bye-bye to follow these guidelines.

They’re great they’re much better than nothing but just don’t follow them too religiously otherwise you’re going to drive yourself crazy and ultimately.

I don’t think you’re gonna be creating a better experience for a user so keep that in mind feel free to do it.

If but if you say ultimately giving you a   rating don’t worry about it not a big deal at all so another great tool.

For this, once you’ve written your title is to run it through Coast scheduler’s headline analyzer tool it’s a great little way to sort of sanity check what you’re writing.

We have a link to this in the resources down below basic idea here is you paste your title in and it gives you kind of an overview so I got a 58 on this one so that means I have some room for improvement.

For sure some common words in my headlines so I’ve twenty-seven percent of them are kind of common words Co schedulers saying 28 it usually most great headlines have 20 or 30 percent common words it looks okay.

Uncommon words generally help writing helps my headline, yeah usually want ten or twenty percent of my words to be uncommon I zero so I can fix that I need more emotion any in my words and a power word writes a comprehensive.

In there as well so a little work I could do there but overall 58 scores there this is a great way to kind of sanity check it as well again it’s a tool use it don’t follow it religiously but it can be helpful to kind of sanity check what you’re doing.

You want to get your primary keyword in the URL

If you can so we can see down here the slug that’s our URL page, that is a terrible URL if we go back to our page and reload it we should see the title tag popping up here. There’s a title tag it looks good and you can see up top our URL is here page that is not good.

Now keep in mind we’ve got some stuff to talk about here guys with the URL so in general yes you want to try and get your core keyword in your URL.

14-On-Page-SEO-Techniques-Thatll-Boost-Your-Rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 14 On Page SEO Techniques Thatll Boost Your Rankings3










If you’re creating a new page from scratch obviously yes try and get your core keyword in the now.

here’s where a lot of people make a mistake if you have a very old website with a lot of link equity if you have a number of people that have been linking to you for a really long time and there’s a lot of equity there you want to really think hard about this.

In general, you don’t want to change your URLs when you change your URL you’re effectively starting over in Google’s eyes it’s a brand new page you’re starting over from scratch.

So when you change URLs it’s very taxing right it can be very difficult from an engineering perspective to sort or do a site migration so you don’t want to be really sloppy about this.

In general, if you’re inheriting an old site or you’re auditing someone else’s site and them.

they have a lot of link equity don’t change URLs leave it as is keep getting a keyword in the URL is one component of the whole optimization picture you don’t have to have it right if you’re starting over from scratch.

Do it if you do want to do this, you want to make sure you redirect your old URL to your new URL.

Keep that in mind if you do a redirection you can generally save a lot of that link equity.

Sometimes you see a temporary drop in traffic when you do it keep that in mind from our perspective we’re looking at it this way.
On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 620x203BW
Think about here is in general Google seems to bold the primary keyword if it sees it in there. You generally want to get your primary keyword in there if you can the thing to keep in mind here is that Google actually reserves the right to not use these Meta descriptions.

You want to write if you want to optimize if you want to make sure it’s compelling and you want to try and drive up click-through rates but at the end of the day, Google can actually just grab a snippet of text within your results and ignore completely.

Keep that in mind write it in a compelling way but sometimes Google won’t even use it.

Here we have our lorem ipsum text as being generated we’re going to change this over it is something like learn more about ’s.

With this comprehensive world-class guide on how ’s fundamentally work in 2018 get this free downloadable now so just eyeball it get your primary keyword in there you take a look at how it looks in the search results and then move on from there okay.

The heading tag we’re going to get into the actual document

We’re talking about the heading tag first so the heading tag in this particular case is right up here so that is our heading.

For now, the point here is that you want to actually dig into the code and make sure that one what’s your header right is it wrapped in h1 tags does it contain your core keyword.

The other thing to keep in mind is especially if you’re not using WordPress a lot of people mess us up they include multiple h1 tags on their website.

You don’t want to do that each page should have one h1 tag if you have more than one that’s not good you generally want you only stick to one h1 tag when you’re doing this your headline or your h1 tag really follows the same rules as title tag optimization.

Focus on creating something that’s compelling for humans, not just search engines I think this one works a comprehensive guide to read.

We could jam that keyword closer to the front. maybe I really like just sticking with what works for real people making sure your core keyword is in there and then moving on.

We’ve optimized a lot so far we’ve got.

  • Our page titles optimized we’ve got our URL optimized.
  • They’ve got a keyword in our Meta Description.
  • We’ve just optimized the h1 tag.


Now we go for the actual body,

Copy your primary keyword, do command F on the document, we only see it one time we are not yet optimized? I said before the key here is it’s generally helpful to write your copyright your stuff out before optimizing and then right before you publish.

You’re gonna come back you’re gonna sort of weave in your primary keywords here I like to get my core keyword up within the first paragraph.

If possible same rules apply don’t overdo it and make sure it doesn’t sound tinted and weird you definitely want to read this out loud before you publish it.

In general rule of thumb here is your gonna want to include that primary keyword two to three maybe four times in your document.

Two or three should be fine and if you can get it up at least once in the first couple sentences or first paragraph.

That’s helpful as well so jump into the back end here I’m going to always say this is just filler text I drop and so obviously this is filler text I would try and do something much it would take a lot more work to work it.

But we’re just sort of conveying the idea here so we’ve updated that well go ahead and refresh the page.

We’re actually going for the plural version so maybe we can find reasonable ways to include a couple of plurals.

Plural Eyes version of it adds that back in we’ll update again. We have a couple of different variations and come back refresh the page and there we go a couple of different versions of it in there

I would take some of these and plug them back in right so if people were looking for, how often are they also looking for heart maybe a lot right so I could take a bunch of these from this list and go ahead.

I’ve got my core keyword in the document right that is I’ve got that a couple of times then I looked up synonyms right I found a couple of synonyms for one was an emoticon.

Right one was emoticon one was smiley got a couple of those in there then looked upon the LSI keywords for the right for and that was hard you got a couple of those.

Added two or three times reasonably my copy I’ve looked up a couple of synonyms and I’ve thrown it in there and I’ve also looked up latent semantic indexing keywords and thrown those in there as well I’m getting pretty close to optimizing the body.

  I guess the next let’s talk about image optimization

So just to add it an image to this page, if we can dive in control lick on a Mac can dive in and see how it’s optimized.

But take a look at the image we can see the actual image name is graphic 244 by 300 JPEG that is terrible in your hand.

We also have the alt tag which is non-existent there’s no alt tag populated so a couple of things in general image optimization is another piece of the on-page optimization equation. you generally want

To optimize your images so that they’re friendly for search engines and for users.

People overdo this a lot so do be a eful rule of thumb here is just be descriptive about your images.

If it’s reasonable to include your primary keyword or synonyms or latent semantic Indexing keywords in your images that are great too.

The other thing to keep in mind is from an accessibility perspective visually impair and blind users use special browsers that read images to them.

Those browsers are going to be reading these file names and alt tags that you populate.

So keep that in mind from an accessibility perspective it’s not just for search engines.

Visually users will be using this as well so when you’re in WordPress you can jump into the backend here.

We want to do the alt text, in general, is the actual text that the search engine is going to be factoring in from a ranking perspective.

Keep that in mind of the alt text in the file name are generally the two pieces you want to be thinking about from a search engine optimization perspective.

I’ll go ahead and click update so with this image it’s actually named

There are a bunch of tools out there that can kind of mass rename images for you if you’d like.

But the easiest way to do this is when you’re originally uploading it make sure the file name is friendly.

Use all the other pages on your site pages to give Google and other search engines even more signals that this page is about the primary keyword we are optimizing for.

Do internal linking

The basic idea here is that Google and other search engines look at the links and the text in those links on other documents use as a signal to what that document is about.

So now Google is getting yet another signal hey this other page is linking to this page with this core keyword it’s probably about that core keyword.

Free Tip!

On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 620x203BW
When you’re kind of deciding how to internally link your site the rule of thumb is you basically want to be internally linking.

14-On-Page-SEO-Techniques-Thatll-Boost-Your-Rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 14 On Page SEO Techniques Thatll Boost Your Rankings4










Everything really nicely, in a reasonable way that also makes sense to users a couple of things I like to avoid first I don’t like to rely too much on the top navigation or footers or sidebars.

It looks like Google has a really good understanding of how page templates work.

It’s reasonable to think that they sort of start to devalue links if they show up again and again.

This natural kind of manual one-off optimizations seems like they’re a better way to go about doing this.

  Another tool I like to use href which is a link analysis tool

On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings On page Seo Techniques that will boost website rankings 620x203BW
You can essentially sort your entire domain based on how many root domains have been found or the URL score.

You can sort by HR F’s proprietary URL rank here or the total number of linking root domains. They found they’re usually the same either way the basic idea here is you can get a comprehensive list of all of your pages sorted by the total number of links that they have and then those are essentially your heaviest hitters.

Those are kind of your biggest weapons when you’re doing your internal linking so you want to start at the top if you can that’s where you’re gonna get them.

Your pages that already have the most links when you link out to other documents you’re essentially lending that equity to the new pages.

So keep this in mind like essentially keep your strongest pages in mind when you’re doing your internal linking you’re gonna get the most bang for your buck by doing really good internal linking on your highest authority pages.

Relative to the kind of more useless pages from a link equity perspective like your privacy policy page, or your Contact Us page,

The basic idea here is that Google loves a really good resource. Google’s fundamental goal is to answer the user’s question right and so think about this from a document relevancy perspective.

Google wants to give the users really good resources the fastest way to do this you should be you should be more interested in doing this.

The earlier you are that the newer your site is the fastest way to convince Google that you’re a really good resource is linked out to Reese as Google already trusts.

one of the things I love to do is I take my core keyword I’ll do a search in Google and I’ll start to pull up some of the sites that are ranking already right so I’ve just grabbed the top 5 couple them in the top 5.

Yes, the first one is base com list of, so I’m going to take this and I create a section of my page dedicated to external resources.

To go in and I’ll go and edit my page and I might add a section like you know even more resources there are a ton of great sites out there on here are some of our favorites and I might link to base go in and link to this.

The basic idea here if you want to create a really good resource for your users no following to your competitors.

Yes, you kind of restrict them from getting any link equity that’s fine you can do it the premise of the argument is usually people that are battling over the kind of over the crumbs you’re not going to make or break a seven-figure business based on whether or not.

You know to follow your competitors so I don’t worry about this too much if you really want to stick it to them and no follow if you can especially for a new page that you’ve just created the difference between following and no follow is very small so I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

The core idea here is Google trusts already trust 10 pages out in the universe about a certain keyword those are the top 10 results when you link out to those pages you’re signaling.

Yet another signal that your document is relevant for this quarter you want to do this in a reasonable way.

That it’s helpful for users as well but the basic idea is that linking out to competitors linking out to people that are already ranking for this resource is another fantastic signal.

That you are creating a document that’s are relevant to this particular query so that is it that’s how to do a comprehensive on-page SEO audit from scratch.

I hope that was helpful if it was useful and if you learn something today share it on social media share it with your friend that helps them a little bit in SEO.

To get even more awesome digital marketing tips and tactics from us if you’re a website owner we’d love to hear from you leave a comment.

Let me know if this how you’re gonna do it was this helpful do you like to do your own page SEO audits in a different way leave a comment now,  I read every single comment and reply.

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