Don’t buy Organic Instagram followers I’m going to share some of the strategies I’ve used recently to grow my Instagram.

Everybody that’s there if you guys have a question if there’s something you want to know just comment below.

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It’s totally fine if I don’t like what you’re saying I’ll just ignore you we’ll move on.

how to get 10 000 followers per week on Instagram for free?

First of all, you need to set a two-week goal but I said what do I need to do to get 10 000 Instagram follows in two weeks, you do not buy any organic Instagram folloers.

I figured I was required to post twice a day and to give get an average of 405 to follow per post.

Now before this point in time, I had only been posting about once each three to 22 weeks you know three days it was very infrequent.

I wasn’t minding this but I set the goal thinking I was probably going to fail.

I’m going to go for it anyway even in failure we learn the first day I went to post I only made one post that day not good. I was off to a really bad start so I was like this is bad and it took me six to 8 hours to make that first post.

It was a carousel post okay tough next day I told myself this day so I said you don’t get to eat until you finish your carousel work.

That day I had a late lunch 2 30 I posted thinking like if I work on something in a shorter amount of time would it affect the quality and the number of follows the quality of the post.


It never follows to my surprise it did not and I knew I needed to get another one out now mind you I’m running a company.

you don't need to buy organic instagram followers in 2021

I’m talking to staff, just there’s a lot of stuff going on and I need to shorten the time. So what I’ve learned in that time in the two weeks of posting.

Uh, twice a day I’m going to share with you right now this yeah thank you all. That all right let’s get into it now.

Who here has a big following on Instagram and big like more than five thousand raise your hand more than five thousand.

Now I do have to say this took me over a year to get to 5 000 follows, so what I’m saying to you will sound like clickbait. 

I’m going to share what works for me and ideally, here we go let’s get into it now

all right before I dive into this I have to talk a little bit about how social platforms.

Work or how I think they work we have to understand something okay what do all social platforms want you to do they want you to spend more time?

We know that it’s a competition the more eyeballs hopefully I don’t screw up. Watching their content we know that they want to also to promote.

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It’s still early everybody your brain is awake are we good okay they want you to adopt new features that make sense right. 

They change the algorithm and this is about as technical as I’m going to get about. The algorithm because I’m going to be making stuff up after that so they changed the algorithm.

To promote this you guys understand that right somebody made fun of me he’s like you can’t that’s. They want to promote.

They’re going to promote new features so it’s important for all of you to pay attention to what’s changing every time they have a new feature.

Learn it use it to figure out what makes it work and what doesn’t make work okay, so one of the new features and we’re going to focus today specifically on Instagram.

This is broadly applicable to the kind of any social platform rewritten Content.

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