Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin

China Technology Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin China technology

Amazing examples of tech innovation in China

Transit elevated bus.

The problem with traditional public transport is that buses or trams take up as much space on the road as several s. A large number of buses and trams make the traffic jams on the roads more critical but the Chinese have figured out how to solve this problem?

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 In the Chinese province of Hebei passed the first test of a vehicle that many people called the bus of the future. The transit elevated bus is a public transportation service that moves above the roads over the flow, which means it’s not affected by traffic jams and doesn’t interfere with traffic.
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The main task of this unique innovative glass is to unload the Chinese roads the model that was used for the tests is 22 meters long and seven point eight meters wide the heights of the tracks laid for the bus above the ground is four and a half meters. That means that s less than two meters high will be able to pass under the bus with ease one elevated bus can accommodate 300 people as well.

 According to the developers when people ride the transit elevated bus they’ll feel the same as if they were riding on the top floor of a double-decker bus solar panel expressway for several years now key transportation development group has been developing and building a unique project solar panel highways the first project was completed in September 2016.

 In Jinan in the Shandong province, the construction took ten months in December 2017 the second project was completed and the 1.6 kilo Meter long Jin an expressway was covered with solar panels the road is one of the first solar highways in the world.  The roadway consists of three layers the first is an innovative material with these structural properties of asphalt often referred to as transparent concrete, the middle layer is actually the solar panels and finally the third layer the bottom one is an insulating material. That protects the panels from the damp ground the most important in remarkable feature of such a road is that it can charge electric s while they drive on it.

  1. Word largest Solar panels

Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin Word largest Solar panels 300x202

It’s noteworthy that although the solar panels themselves are quite fragile the roadways designed so the large vehicles such as medium-sized trucks can move along it as well.  Floating solar farm solar power can provide invaluable benefits to the world as a renewable energy industry right now.

 China is the country that has the highest installed capacity of solar power this is where a huge number of solar panels are produced and commissioned even more than in Germany Japan and the United States. Despite the fact that these countries are considered the leaders in green energy one of the reasons for this is the incredible degree of air pollution in China which affects
Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin 620x203BW
millions of people every day refusing to extract and place as favor of using solar energy for China is not so wavy. Better processing most likely this was the reason for the appearance of the world’s largest floating solar farm. This solar plant is located in the city of whine man in the antique province right above the flooded coal mines the advantage of such a solar farm is the fact that they produce a large amount of electricity while not occupying a place on agricultural land and other valuable areas. The farm was commissioned in May 2017 and has a capacity of 80 megawatts.

  1. HEMA

Alibaba is a large Internet commerce company based in Chengdu with almost everyone in China using its services. In 2018 the company began the process of uniting online and offline commerce so a store chain called Hema appeared it’s rapidly expanding and last year there were more than 60 such stores their first glance. These are the most common supermarkets but they have a number of unique features as they’re equipped with advanced innovative technologies shopping is done for a unique mobile application customers go shopping and scan barcodes of goods they want to buy.  The app shows all the important information about the products and can also show recipes. That uses the products being scanned when the order is placed. You can pay with your cell phone and at some points their face-recognition boots installed it’s noteworthy that the information about the purchase goods is stored and the shop uses it to offer online products with home delivery to its customers. The store staff puts the purchase products in a bag and places them on a conveyor belt from where they are sent to the delivery center.

 According to the managers of the store delivery to the buyer’s home within a radius of 3 kilometers from this door takes a maximum of half an hour.

  1. Camera surveillance network

Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin Crazy Tech Gadgets That Are Just Normal In Chin 620x203BW
If all the technologies we’ve mentioned today are admirable the technology. We’re going to show you about now is unloving China has developed the world’s largest network of surveillance cameras. The shows a police station in Cui yang city in the grigio province it took the police exactly 7 minutes to find and arrest a man who is set up for an experiment the fact is that the cameras installed on the streets of the city are not just normal cameras they use artificial intelligence to scan and recognize people’s faces.

Some cameras can also detect approximate age height ethnicity and gender and recognize clothing and color the cameras also read numbers colors. Some other parameters vehicles police officers have at their disposal a huge digital catalog that contains images of people permanently residing in the city. The cameras are connectors at a global network which means that at any time the authorities can find out the location of any person they want.

This surveillance system allows them to find out who the person communicates with where they are most often and how they spend their time. Fast the equipment is the largest telescope in the world with an area competitive 30 football fields and a diameter of 500 meters. The full name of the construction is 500-meter aperture spherical telescope abbreviated as first developments of the project began in 1994.

 The construction started only in 2011 the cost of the project is estimated at 1.8 billion Yuan which is about 269 million dollars. It took about five years to build and on September the 25th 2016 the radio telescope was finally inaugurated in the Grisha province.

The goal of the project is to search for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations to study pulsars high stakes Robot Wars for several years.

Now the DJI Company has been holding a large scale and very spectacular competition in China called Robot masters. When the championship was held for the first time it immediately attracted the attention of robotic fans from the United States UK Canada Asia and other parts of the world.

Today young engineers from all over the world take part in the competition with as many as 200 teams participating in 2017 although Robo masters are not the only event of its kind the scale and spectacularity of the competition is simply astonishing

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